You Are The Placebo – Crossing The River Of Change

You Are The Placebo – Crossing The River Of Change

We’ve all heard the phrases:
Change your thinking, change your life.
Change your thoughts, change your life.
Change your life with your thoughts.
Positive thinking can change your life.
Change your life by thinking.
Change your thinking, change your beliefs.
How successful people think.

The list goes on and on…

So you might ask, what more could be said about this topic.

Dr. Joe Dispenza describes it differently since he is also a

Dr. Joe says, “In order to change, you have to become conscious of your unconscious self.”

WOW…what a statement!!!

Become conscious of your unconscious self.  What in the world does
that even mean???

According to Dr. Joe’s book, YOU ARE THE PLACEBO,
we tend to have around 70,000 thoughts a day and 90%
of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had the day
before.   Looking further at these thoughts some 70% of
these thoughts are negative or redundant.

So, it seems reasonable that to change for the better we
certainly need to change what we’re thinking and that’s what
makes it difficult.  “The hardest part about change is not
making the same choices we made the day before.”-Dr. Joe.

Remember in a previous blog I posted:

NEW Thoughts create NEW choices.
NEW Choices create NEW actions.
NEW Actions create NEW experiences.
NEW Experiences create NEW feelings.
New Feeling create NEW thoughts.


We see it’s an endless cycle from thoughts to feelings to thoughts.

So it’s all about the choices we make after we’ve had the thoughts!!!

In reality then if we change our choices we change our life!!!

That’s the way it should be officially stated because choices
create actions and actions create experiences and experiences
create feeling and feelings create thoughts…

If we change our choices, then that actions change and so on until

That makes total sense…

We must stop doing what we’re doing that’s creating the feelings
we have and do something different to create different feelings.

When we no longer experience the familiar actions we then tend to feel
like we’re in unfamiliar territory, because we are.  It’s unknown to
us.  It’s doesn’t feel normal!!!  We don’t feel like ourselves because
we are NOT our normal, familiar selves… We’re different.
We have changed!!!

We’re uncomfortable because we can no longer predict the outcome
of the choice we made.

That’s what Dr. Joe describes as stepping into the “River of Change”.

We’ve moved from the FAMILIAR PREDICTABLE PAST to the

No one likes change, but it’s a requirement for us to live different lives.
We must cross that gap between the old self and the new self.

As Dr. Joe says, “Change requires the UN-Learning and
the RE-Learning.”

“We don’t all just waltz into a new
personality in a matter of moments.
It takes time.”-Dr. Joe Dispenza


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