Why Become A Lifelong Learner!

Becoming A Lifelong Learner!

Brian Tracy says the main obstacles to success are doubt and fear.

  1. Doubt your ability to succeed.

  2. Fear that you may not succeed.

The answers (antidotes) to doubt and fear are knowledge and skills.

The more knowledge we have, the more confidence we have and the less
doubt we have that we can do the job.  When we become experts on a
subject, our levels of self-confidence skyrockets and we’re able to
accomplish or overcome bigger and bigger challenges.  In other words,
we become winners.

The antidote to fear is SKILL.  When we take the time to prepare and
practice and develop our skills, we begin to know “deep inside ourselves”
that we can do this particular job and eventually anything else.

An example:  Our granddaughter Rachel has been accepted into
Belmont University in Nashville, TN.  We wanted to prepare a
“congratulations” plaque and have it ready for her upon her return
from spring break.

We went to Hobby Lobby and saw lots of plaques that we liked but
the wording was wrong.  We had been praying about this and felt
that GOD had said to us, “I’ve got that covered.”  So that’s exactly
what we wanted the plaque to say.

I started practicing to develop my skill at lettering like we had seen at
Hobby Lobby, but I was having difficulty matching exactly what we wanted.

The letters had lots of shaking and my nervousness was showing up
in the lettering.  But I continued to practice and develop my skill at
lettering and eventually created the plaque we were happy with.

What does this say about today’s blog…

The antidote to fear is a skill.  The key to skill is practice.  The key to
overcoming fear is to know deep inside that we can do a particular task.
That’s what happened to me with my practice… At first, I wasn’t sure
I could do it…

But after practicing it over and over again, I became confident that
I could do it.  I can do this, I told myself.  I can do this!

Here’s evidence… Please note… I’m a mathematician, not an
artist (totally left-brained).

Each year Forbes Magazine publishes a list of Billionaires.  These
Billionaires were interviewed and asked why they felt they had been
so successful.  Many of them attributed their success at least partially to
continuous learning.  They were like sponges.  They were continuously
absorbing new information from every source.

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