Slight Edge Principle # 3 Have A Good Attitude

Slight Edge Principle # 3 Have A Good Attitude

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”
-Winston Churchill

I’m certainly not going to write a much about attitudes in this blog!

My main message today is that ATTITUDE is crucial to living a life
that’s worthy of good things.

As Jeff Olson comments in his book …. He can spot a person
with a good attitude when they walk into a room.

How does he do that???

A person with a positive attitude, a can-do attitude can light
up a room.

Why is that??

They have an excitement about life, an expectation about everything
they do.

They go to a seminar … they expect to learn something great
that they can use in their life.

They go on a trip….they expect  to get something  they can use
in their life to make it better.

They meet someone new… they expect to learn something new from
that encounter… that will make their life better.

So…. It’s the expectation

John Maxwell starts his new book on page 1…. Saying
“Your Life Can Be a Great Story”

So…how does that happen…???

We must expect it to be great.

We must start doing things daily that make life great.

You don’t know what to do…..????

Read some good books… and do what great people do.

It’s usually something good you do for someone else.

Our church (12Stone Church) last Sunday gave every family
a brand new, crisp $100 dollar bill.

Our Pastor wants every member that received a $100 bill to go out
and intentionally look for people who need the money,
then ADD TO IT and give it away…


As you go about your daily life…. Think “ahead of time”…
What can I do today to help someone else???

What can I do today to make someone happy???

Be Expectant and Observant!!!

Just Do IT!!!

Then come back and blog about it…
How did you find someone to help?

How did you help them?

How did it make them feel?

How did it make you feel?

Tell us about it…..

Until next time…



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