Slight Edge Principle # 2 BE CONSISTENT

Slight Edge Principle # 2 BE CONSISTENT

“In baseball, my theory is to strive for consistency,
not to worry about the numbers.  If you dwell
on statistics you get shortsighted;
if you aim for consistency,
the numbers will be there at the end.”

– Tom Seaver

We all want success in our lives…..
Don’t be shortsighted….

Success in our business life…
Don’t be shortsighted…

Success with our children…
Don’t be shortsighted…

Success with our friends….
Don’t be shortsighted…

Success in everything…..
Don’t be shortsighted…

Aim for consistency!!!!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking a 30 day John
Maxwell course from his new book… INTENTIONAL LIVING.

John points out that if we really want to achieve
I think by doing “that”, we’ve achieved success in our lives…

We’ve actually created a legacy…

Anyway… today’s topic is BE CONSISTENT…

Now, what exactly does that mean???

In his book, THE SLIGHT EDGE, Jeff Olson tells us about
his talk with his daughter…

He told her in moving from High School to college she
was going to find that she has more freedom…

But… with that freedom comes responsibility…

He said, “I told Amber she not only needed to
show up every day for school but it had to be
coupled with at least two hours of study per day.”

Now, what did he do here??

He combined the Slight Edge Principles 1 and 2.

“Show up”… or in other words… BE THERE…
“every day”…or be consistent!

These two ingredients are ever so important.
Not only to Jeff’s daughter Amber… but to those
of us who are running a home business.


Because just like moving from high school to college
there is a lack of “structure” that comes ….

Just like having a home business… there is a lack
of “structure” there…

That’s when we MUST “show up” and we MUST
“be consistent”…

I recently came across a quote from Abdul Rauf…
He said, “Consistency is what matters the most in
triggering something important to your life”.

Now I really don’t know who Abdul Rauf is…but
I love what he said…

Well, I just did some research on Abdul Rauf and it turns out
he graduated from Gulfport High School, the same high school
I graduated from.  He was a basketball star the was recruited by LSU
and was later drafted in the first round by the Denver Nuggets.  At that
time Abdul Rauf was known as Chris Jackson.  I remember Chris.

Consistency is what matters the most…

So… Take this information in and add it to your
routine business life…..and trigger something
important in your life.



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